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The Therapist

November 2018

Abelardo Jose "A.J." Rodriguez, Licensed Massage Therapist

From the creator of Be Love:

Having recently reclocated from Iowa City I appreciate the diverse, yet small town vibes of Fairfield, Iowa! I embrace the values Iowans hold in integrity: we are connected to our neighbors and offer help to those in need. I notice how these values attract kind-hearted and open-minded people from all over the world to join the community we share here. I wish to share the therapeutic power and transformational healing of energy and body work. We are all on personal healing journeys, and I wish to share with clients and my community, the profound and positive impact that holistic living has had on our lives.

The ability to comprehend some of life's miracles go beyond our physical senses, yet miracles happen. Some things in life are unexplainable; no amount of reasoning or logic can explain the vast beauty and wonders of the universe. I have gone through many transformations in life and wish to give credit to holistic health and wellness as well as a natural, yet balanced, approach to life. I feel we are meant to enjoy every moment of life and honor our total (whole) self: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. I have embraced an organic, plant-based diet and I am are advocates for whole health . We are all here on earth for healing. I intend to help others to find the tools they need along their path of oneness.

I offer many bodywork and energetic techniques to assist in the promotion of healing. My goal is to release tension and pain with compassion and intention. When one area of the body is being healed, naturally another aspect of us is healing, mirroring to us that which we could not see from a previous outlook we once had in life. Many levels of healing take place simultaneously and I enjoy bringing awareness to the fact that we're continuously working to maintain balance and bring our mind, body and soul into alignment.

All massage techniques have their own place in healing from trigger points to gentle touch. Self-care is extremely important for us all and I love to recommend self-massage and foam roller techniques, along with yoga asanas and stretches. I am an advocate for any holistic path that shines light on self-awareness, healing and well being on all levels.